What Impact Can e-Learning Have On Recruitment?

e-Learning And Recruitment What Impact Can e-Learning Have On Recruitment? 2018-07-27

When recruiting for new staff you want your company to be bold, better than the rest and unique. Advertising that you have a strong e-learning system in place gives you the edge when you announce that you are expanding your team.

You want to attract the most skilled, enthusiastic and suitable candidates to any vacant positions you have. But attracting these people in for an interview is growing harder without an appealing job advert.

Listing e-learning and m-learning amongst your occupational perks can increase applications and improve your hiring process.

Opportunities to excel

Candidates who want to learn and develop are exactly the types of people you need in your business. When you include e-learning or m-learning in your job adverts, you'll position yourself as an organisation that appeals to, and attracts, knowledge-hungry applicants.

If you had Learn with Mobile in place, there are endless opportunities for staff to build their skills and broaden their understanding of the industry they work in. They'd also benefit from capturing and sharing knowledge with their colleagues. This is hugely beneficial for your business, and it shows that your organisation offers jobs with a view to the future. Applicants will see that you care about their further development, with the best learning available at any time.

Progressive approach

Whilst e-learning and m-learning systems have become the preferred method of company training, there are still many businesses out there who continue to stick with dated traditional methods and learning systems.

A company that integrates e-learning and m-learning shows that it is forward thinking, and technologically aware. Applicants will recognise your innovative approach in moving away from traditional learning, demonstrating a progressive, ambitious mindset.

Flexibility and freedom

Some learners prefer isolated learning, others like to bounce ideas off others. There are those who find they remember facts through reading. And there are many people who prefer game-based learning and practical exercises or videos.

Everyone has their own learning preferences, and if you can show applicants that you have an adaptable training system in place, you'll extend your reach to a broader range of individuals.

Making your business attractive

Attracting the best candidates by adding e-learning to your business is not difficult or expensive.

With a wide array of advanced features, and powered by proven technology, Learn with Mobile is one of the most responsive and smartly designed training systems your business can use.

Thanks to a range of options available, our training platforms remain completely affordable for every type of business owner, meaning you can attract the best candidates no matter how small or large your business is.

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.