I'm not sure e-learning fits my business

Not Sure Its Right I'm not sure e-learning fits my business

There's a lot more to e-learning than just e-learning

If you think there's no place for learning in your business, maybe take a step back and think of learning as a way for people to get at information and knowledge, rather than just a series of things they must learn for some reason.

Realising there's an opportunity

Here's a real-life example in our own office.

Software development is a complex and ever evolving business. At Ambidect, we have a team of highly intelligent, well-educated specialists. They already know a lot, and every day they learn more. We needed a way to make sure that when an individual developer picked up technical knowledge, either by research or by inventing techniques themselves, we captured that knowledge and made it available to the rest of the team.

The same applies to anything to do with business processes or administration. We didn't want the business as a whole to spend time re-inventing the wheel and learning the same thing over and over again.

The problem shows up in many circumstances. Someone might be unaware that their issue has already been encountered by another developer and solved. A key person might leave the business. A person may be off sick or on holiday and they might just be the expert in a particular area. There must be a hundred more scenarios.

The solution – Knowledge management

Using the Knowledge Base area, we have set up Learn with Mobile to be our Knowledge Centre.

We have a series of topics ranging from Programming to Databases, and from Accounts procedures to Health and Safety.

We've not only started using this as the place to keep all our procedures and processes, each software developer can create new topics, and create and maintain content in the knowledge base.

Now, whenever a developer spends a few hours wrestling with a technical problem, whatever research and thinking they do to solve it can be captured in a short article with references and screenshots. The next time someone encounters a problem, instead of Googling it and finding an unreliable random answer from someone they don't know – their first port of call is Learn with Mobile to see if there's already a solution documented in the Knowledge Base, authored by a trusted colleague. And if there isn't then there soon will be!

As a business, we are much more secure in our ability to learn and capture that learning and knowledge for the next generation of Ambidect developers.

And we can still add courses and topics for actual learning. We've added our induction for new employees for example.

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.