I need to introduce e-learning to my business

Introduce E Learning I need to introduce e-learning to my business

Modern e-learning for your business

If you're interested in e-learning for your business, there's a whole lot of reasons why you might be apprehensive. A big LMS can be very pricy to set up and run, and if you have a lot of staff maybe your budget can't stand the user license fees. If you have less people, a learning management system might look too big and cumbersome for the number of learners you have. On top of that, world class learning content is not cheap and you need to build up a learning library. And you may think that a smaller system won't give you the statistics and tracking you need.

The modern learning management system

In today's world, the learning management system has evolved. It's no longer a great lumbering beast that requires specialists to run it and a host of IT hardware to keep it going.

You can be up and running with Learn with Mobile, a cloud-based learning system, in a few minutes. It comes with a dashboard and a set of reports to give you a clear view of your learning and your learners. There's no worry about servers and database software and no need for expensive IT experts on staff to take care of it. You can choose between a simple controlled monthly subscription for each user or a flat monthly payment for unlimited users.

The 21st century LMS is built for 21st century learners and 21st century technology.

The modern learner

Whether it's structured learning or ad-hoc subject based information, Learn with Mobile is fun and engaging to use. Watch how your staff interact naturally with other software on their smartphones and tablets as part of their everyday life - they can do the same with e-learning. The technology shouldn't get in the way and the modern learner won't tolerate it if it does. They'll enjoy lasting learning and be more effective if you give them the tools to get at the information they know they need, when they want to access it.

Quick professional content

There is no question, if you engage a professional learning content expert to create your learning you'll build up a world class library of learning assets that will serve your business for years. But this takes time and money, and you may want to do this gradually as you learn about all the fantastic options they can provide for you with interactive content, videos, and educational games. We can recommend some great content creation experts and when you work with them you can upload the finished product straight into Learn with Mobile.

To get you started we've provided some integrated content building tools as part of Learn with Mobile. You can create professional looking articles and information pieces using our article builder, and you can build multi-media quizzes to include in your courses without leaving the system. With these tools at your disposal and all the different types of file you can upload from day one of your subscription like video, audio and PDF, your learners can start their journey almost straight away.

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.