What Is e-Learning, Exactly?

What Is e-Learning What Is e-Learning, Exactly?

e-learning has gained a stuffy reputation over the years, evoking images for many of expensive, slow, boring and difficult-to-navigate systems that do anything but inspire. This has led some critics to claim that e-learning is dead. And yet, the stats suggest the exact opposite , with businesses across the spectrum utilising e-learning technology to train and educate staff. So where exactly is the unfounded negativity coming from?

The answer is simple: a lot of people just don't understand what modern e-learning actually is. Many remember e-learning in its embryonic stages, unaware that the concept has undergone an astounding transformation since those bumpy early days. e-learning has not only advanced in terms of what it can do, but also how it can do it - catering for different learners and encouraging personal approaches to studying.

Here, we delve a little deeper to demonstrate what modern e-learning is truly all about, and why so many organisations can benefit from its uses.

Why e-learning is booming

Once a tool utilised almost exclusively by large corporate companies, e-learning is now accessible for almost every organisation. The modern LMS shouldn't need a lot of training to use; it is designed to work intuitively, and just do what you expect.

The content in modern e-learning solutions can also be mixed up to keep engagement levels high - featuring an intriguing blend of text, video, quizzes, and games. Sophisticated learning management systems, like Learn with Mobile, even translate training for all nationalities, whilst the operator can review statistics at both an overall and individual level. Such capabilities make it easy to tweak programmes wherever necessary and improve the user experience.

e-learning is more beneficial and enjoyable for staff enrolled in these training schemes. Instead of wasting a whole day sitting in a classroom and absorbing information in a marathon-style session, employees can learn in their own time whenever they wish - logging onto the training programmes from anywhere in the world. It's been proven that most people acquire knowledge at a faster rate when they digest information in short bursts , and these systems allow them to snack-learn.

The evolution of e-learning

The advancement of e-learning means former concerns about this approach are no longer valid. Reputable learning management systems are now fast and simple to navigate, offer cloud-based technology that allows content to be accessed from anywhere, and enable operators to customise the experience for each learner.

For the operators themselves, things have never been easier. Organising your learning requires little more than a couple of clicks, and getting content into the system is as simple as uploading a video to YouTube or a file to Dropbox. Who needs to worry about file formats when the system can take care of it for you?

Today's e-learning is about creativity, engagement, and individuality, offering regular feedback to organisations so they can continue to improve and expand their programmes whenever they desire.

The fact that the world has gone mobile has not escaped the best LMS providers either; and m-learning (mobile learning) has officially developed as an essential branch of e-learning - which we will discuss in greater detail in our next article....

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