Feature Spotlight - Built-In Article Creator

Article Creator Feature Spotlight - Built-In Article Creator

The transformation of stale, corporate e-learning into dynamic, modern training can't be attributed to any one factor. In fact, it's much the opposite. Workplace training has blossomed into something far superior because demands have increased and diversified. Different learners desire different types of knowledge, preferring to acquire information through alternative means.

The best e-learning platforms, like Learn with Mobile , are now built to satisfy the heterogeneous needs of employees. They comprise of multiple features, and one such example is the built-in article creator – to which we now turn the spotlight.

What advantages does the built-in article creator offer?

One of the most valuable assets any business can have is time. Crafting and placing fresh content within a training system can be a convoluted process when you don't have the necessary resources, but the built-in article creator has been designed with effective time-management in mind.

Thanks to this handy feature, every business has a means to craft, edit, decorate and publish training content in finger-snap fashion. Fully integrated for seamless, high-speed functionality, the built-in article creator is also adaptable; equally responsive across any screen size.

Text, images, and graphics can be laid out in a huge array of formats to fit your in-house style. Edits can also be made at any time, offering you a simple way to make updates whenever required.

How can you use the built-in article creator?

"I read a great article about that the other day...".

You've undoubtedly heard staff use this sentence more times than you can count. Good content has a habit of burrowing its way into the brain of the reader, and the built-in article creator offers the ultimate platform to construct a memorable piece of work that gets employees interested in training.

From thought leadership articles, to bullet-pointed bite-sized tips, to research pieces, to trailblazing content, the built-in article offers endless possibilities. Through training analysis, you'll gain insight into what types of content your staff like best and subsequently utilise the article creator in a more focused, effective way.

Another great plus point of this feature is its ability to render PDF text uasable on any device. If you have existing content in PDF format, you'll know how difficult it is to read when shrunk down for mobile. Copy and paste the text into the article creator, add a few images, and you've instantly got fully responsive content that will adapt for readability.

Which types of learners can benefit from the built-in article creator?

Given how a wide range of content can be incorporated into the built-in article creator (text, images, designs), it offers benefits for staff with all types of learning preferences.

A feature that appeals to different types of learners is invaluable. You're likely to have an eclectic mix of different learning styles within your team, and by using Learn with Mobile, you can track and analyse their performance to determine which approach is best for them.

Regardless, the built-in article creator has several bases covered, stimulating the minds of those who learn by reading, writing, absorbing visual stimuli, or studying data-speckled charts and graphs.

The article creator is just one of many fantastic features packed into Ambidect's revolutionary Learn with Mobile software. See for yourself today.

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.