With Structure Comes Strength - The Power Of Modular Courses

With Structure Comes Strength With Structure Comes Strength - The Power Of Modular Courses 2018-08-08

Those already using e-learning systems love the fact they can pick and choose learning from topics as and when they need them. The flexibility of knowing exactly where you can lay your hands on a specific bit of information is not only convenient, it can be a huge cost-saver.

However, if you're looking to guide your learners through a series of related learning pieces, perhaps within a set time period, it's better to structure the training within a course that covers everything. All the more so if you want to monitor and track their progress.

In this article, we weigh up structured modular courses, explaining how easy it can be to put together training programmes using Learn with Mobile.

Common training and skills courses

One example where you might want to enrol staff onto a training course, is if you recruit several employees at one time. You'll need to teach teams the inner workings of your company, so they can get up to speed. Then you might need separate courses for particular disciplines or skills within the business.

You'll need to guide people through the learning in a set order, perhaps splitting it into modules for easier navigation. So you might have staff manuals, health and safety, and standard procedures, followed by learning designed to start instilling the culture of your business and how you treat your customers.

Short quizzes at regular intervals in a course can help reinforce what's been learnt, and they also give you an immediate opportunity to see how people are getting along and which elements of the learning work well. In vocational training courses, you may even want to include exams with strict pass marks and certification.

And once you have the courses in place, you can repeat them for all new starters or anyone who needs skills updates or refreshers without any additional investment.

Progress Tracking

It's always more motivating and productive when you have a clear picture of your how far you've come, on the screen in front of you. Structured courses offer a natural way to measure progress.

Learn with Mobile gives the learner a real-time visual update of their progress on each course. They can see the course completion percentage, and which modules and learning items they've completed within the course.

For trainers, there's a dashboard with detailed reporting for each learner, and each course and learning asset, so you can get really detailed progress updates from any angle.

Design your own training course

Being able to create a modular course, even if you are a complete non-techie, is a crucial part of providing learning.

Learn with Mobile lets you easily start from scratch with a course. Adding modules is a single click and then typing a name for each. And if you've ever uploaded a file or a picture to internet, that's how easy adding your learning is.

And there are step by step videos and articles to help you if you're not sure.

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.