Feature Spotlight - Instant Translation

Instant Translation Feature Spotlight - Instant Translation

Communication is key to successful training in the workplace. However, as we've explored, upskilling staff can pose challenges for organisations with a global reach.

e-learning can help to overcome these obstacles, especially when using advanced solutions like Learn with Mobile. But how is this achievable? What elements of the platform are built for such a challenge?

In this feature spotlight, we'd like to share a few words on the capabilities of integrated A.I. translation, enabling you to instantly translate course content into 64 of the world's most popular languages.

A language everyone understands

Training staff on a global scale is rarely a simple affair. The modern workforce is a melting pot of race, background and cultural heritage. As a result, whether you're a mid-sized organisation with a diverse team, or a huge business spanning several continents, it's crucial to prioritise inclusivity wherever you can.

It's difficult to grasp concepts if you don't fully understand what's being said. But equally, translating your content into multiple languages can be incredibly costly when using traditional means. Thankfully, Learn with Mobile offers a solution. A.I. technology automatically translates English content into 64 languages, making it accessible to learners all over the world in their native language.

This isn't just relevant to the bulk of your learning text; buttons, prompts, links and alerts can all be modified into another lexicon, depending on the preferences of the individual user. It's a great example of how far A.I. translation has come in recent years. Learn with Mobile can cross geographical and/or cultural boundaries, presenting a course in the appropriate form while saving you time and money on content creation.

Tailoring the finer elements of expression

Of course, data-based translations can only go so far – they'll never be able to express the true, dialectical accuracy of another language. That's why Learn with Mobile gives you space to tweak the phrasing of translated text. Where relevant, an administrator can input their own description, command or suggestion, to improve the accuracy and flow of the final content.

This goes further too: if you have the budget for professional translations, you can upload any content in different languages onto the Learn with Mobile interface. Our system will learn to associate it with the original text; subsequently, it'll bring up the appropriate version for each learner's language setting. The choice is freeform or automated to align with your requirements over time.

In addition, you will side-step hurdles to a holistic, global training strategy, as there are no great technological leaps necessary to run a programme using Learn with Mobile. That means even basic hardware or bandwidth can support the resources for our A.I. translation skills.

As ‘going global' becomes increasingly second-nature for businesses, this feature will only gain in significance over the coming years. By harnessing this tool for your corporate learning, you can remove the barriers to building an international team.

If you're looking to educate in a fresh, affordable, and rewarding way, check out fully mobile responsive e-learning solutions using Learn with Mobile. Get started for free right now, or call the Ambidect team on +44 (0)1260 221292 if you have any questions.